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We were one of the featured bloggers of the Week 74 #DreamTeam Linky  Dawn (www.rhymingwithwine.com) :”I spent nearly 10 years working in the travel industry, but I have to admit that Slovenia has never even crossed my mind as a holiday destination. I certainly wouldn’t have ever thought about booking a family holiday there. As this post explains though: ” Slovenia is landscapes and food”. Definitely my cup of tea! This post has cake, ice-cream and some absolutely breathtaking photos! It was a real joy to read and I have genuinely now added Slovenia onto my To-Do list!

We were one of the featured bloggers of the 10th #ExplorerKids Linky.  Evelyn (www.ethannevelyn.com) :”I really enjoy Jules’ witty travel writing style. She has most certain kept me engaged all the way through to her 4 days in Ireland. What a trip! Please do check her blog out“.

We were one of the featured bloggers of the 11th #ExplorerKids Linky. Sarah (www.kippersandcurtains.com) said: “I would really love to go to an actual German Christmas Market – this is a really great post.”

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