We are a family of three and our blog is called shadesofcourage.com

Mom is the wannabe adventurer of the family, yogi and chief travel planner. Dad is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and a passionate downhill mountain biker. Both of us are avid armchair travellers. Our little one (toddler) is happily tagging along, and is a chilled traveller unfazed by planes, train rides or roadtrips. When it comes to his thrill seeking gene he seems to be taking after his dad. We love to travel and it should come as no surprise that our little one has been to 6 countries before his first birthday. We hope that he will become a true global citizen and follow his wanderlust when he grows up. So far Mom and Dad they have lived and worked in 13 countries and we have an international family move coming up in 2018 .

The places we were fortunate enough to live in:

Source: https://mapchart.net/world.html

In our family we jokingly refer to our different appetite for adrenaline evoking adventures, as our shades of courage. And this is how the shadesofcourage blog got its name.

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