Vintage Style Pin-Up Makeover in Rotterdam

Mom’s day out- My Vintage Pin-Up Makeover in Rotterdam at Sugarcoated

Guilty! I am guilty of wearing the Mom uniform -Jeans and an easy to wash shirt quiet regularly since my little one was born. I do miss making an effort and going out all dressed up,taking time for doing my make up & co.. When I heard about a vintage pin-up makeover studio in Rotterdam I knew I had to give it a try.  Browsing the Sugarcoated website  I immediately was in awe of all the  over the top and fabulous results of previous makeover participants.

Who is Sugarcoated?

The mastermind behind the Sugarcoated team is no one other than @TheDutchPinup Vivian Kramer.

Vivian embodies the vintage rockability look and her love for pin-up photoshoots is sincere. She lives and breathes the livestyle and it is no wonder she is not only an experienced and internationally renowned stylist, but was also the 2nd runner-up at the Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest 2017!

With Sugarcoated Vivian is trying to make the distinctive vintage (life)style accessible to others in a down to earth way. But let’s not forget her great team, all the girls are professionals and help to make the makeover experience a truly unique day out. I had the pleasure of getting my hair and make up done by @_bobbyknows  another inspiring lady living the vintage lifestyle to the fullest.

How does it work?


I contacted the Sugarcoated team via their website and  heard back from Vivian within less than 24 hours. I was thrilled and nervous to find out that they had a free slot less than 3 weeks later for my makeover. After confirming the date and paying a downpayment (50% of the total price) I was send a lengthy questionnaire to complete.

The questionnaire is  all about your look, your personality, asking fo your Pin-up style preferences and co.  It was quiet hard to choose which looks I liked the most, as they have 30+ PinUp looks – Sailor, Screen siren, Army, Housewife, Hawaiian Hoola, Singer, Secretary,Gatsby Glamour….and the list goes on. It took me about 30 minutes to complete it all. I also had to attach 2 recent pictures of myself – a close-up and a full-body one. Then the Sugarcoated team worked their magic behind the scenes. A couple of days before the shoot I got an email confirming the styles they thought would work best for my makeover. Then it was time for the actual makeover.


You will make your way to the Sugarcoated studio, which is within walking distance to Rotterdam Central Station.  It is actually in a side street of the Rotterdam Chinatown area.Parking (paid!) also seems to not be a problem in the neighbourhood.

The second you set a foot into the studio you feel like you are back in a different era. The outfit selection, massive shoe cabinet, the glitzy and glamour jewellery,  the original vintage furniture pieces, the teams outfits. It is all perfectly curated to be part of the overall experience.

As  I mentioned before the Sugarcoated team is very professional, they are all fans of the vintage rockability/Pin-up look and carry it off so well. The second you walk into the quaint studio you feel at ease and want to try on everything. The girls make you feel empowered and body positive, while helping you to get in the mood for your  pin-up and vintage inspired transformation. It took about an hour to do my make up and hair. They then had 2 outfits pre-selected for me in different sizes.


Vivian is the photographer of the team. She will choose a background colour and lead you through a room with all the props into the photo corner where all is set up for your photo session.

She will guide you through the poses and is awesome at making you feel at ease. She will literally tell you that the more over the top your gestures and mimicry are the more likely the photos will be stunning -so stop being shy and let  your inner Pin-Up out!

It is a hard work to be a Pin-Up. Bottom out, chest out, foot flexed, Legs slightly bend, one foot off the ground, arms to the side, shoulders relaxed but active.I felt like I was taking a pilates class while being dressed up in the most amazing vintage clothing. And let’s not forget you will be wearning high heels while doing all of this. The day after the makeover my lower back and calf muscles  hurt, just as much as hitting the gym after a long break.

Then it is time for a break and a make-up touch up before putting on outfit number 2 (I booked the classic package, which meant I got to take pictures in 2 different outfits).


I went home by train, and let me tell you I was still wearing the full make-up and my hair was all curly  and I  got plenty of strange looks. Some people were better at hiding their curiosity than others.

I had taken some pictures while at the studio and some selfies for family and friends. Over the next days I often looked at them wondering what the real professional pictures would look like. It felt like having to wait to open my presents on Christmas eve. Within less than a week I got a pre-selection of pictures out of which I could choose the ones I wanted.


Vivian and her team told me that once they make their final selection of pictures it takes about an hour per picture to make sure it is all the way they want it to be. Within 2 weeks depending on how many pictures you ordered I got the final pictures. Seriously whenever I look at the pictures I still cannot believe that it is me.

I proudly present to you my Pin-Up self

No introuduction needed the final Pin-up makeover pictures speak for themselves.


I had so much fun during my photoshoot and can warmly recommend treating yourself (or your wife/girlfriend/mom) to this special experience. The studio also organizes bachelorette parties , maternity  and couples vintage makeovers.

Thank you Sugarcoated  team !

I am for sure going to be addicted to your Instagram  and Facebook feed for a long time to come.

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